Quality policy

Intrgrated food quality and safety management system policy

Poultry factory LINODRÓB, by comprehensive commitment from all employees, all our effort is driven by persistent quality improvement of our products, especially keeping in mind their health and safety.

Our target is to meet the needs of our clients and estimate their expectations. We strive to constantly achieve higher quality of our products, to satisfy our receivers and to satisfy ourselves.

Implementation of strategy and constant growth of quality level as well as identification, grading and keeping an eye out on potential dangers is what guarantees the highest quality for our products.

Every action in the production space, storage and distribution of completed goods are lead taking in to account, rules of good production practice, good hygienic practice and law requirements in relation to safety of food and environmental protection.

Employees of the factory are competent and responsible for actions in relation to the production of food as well as perfecting the effect of environmental activity by completing given tasks.

In relations to the above we declare meeting the expectations of quality according to applicable legislation as well as expectations of international standards„ BRC Global Standard for Food Safety” and „QS”.

Leadership of the company poultry factory LINODRÓB ensures, that the policy of integrated management system of quality and safety of food is understandable and applies as well as ensured to the process of implemation, so every employee can fully engage in meeting the given targets.

Factory owner

Poultry factory LINODRÓB

Jan Kwiatkowski