Meeting the needs and expectations of clients we keep expanding the offers of our products.

Turkey whole

Turkey breast fillet

Turkey breast fillet skin on "Butterfly"

Turkey thigh skin on bone in

Turkey thigh skin on boneless

Turkey thigh skinless boneless

Turkey drumstick

Turkey drumstic ankle cut

Turkey 2-joint wings

Turkey Drumette

Turkey midwing

Turkey Neck

Turkey broth meat

Turkey skin

Turkey shins

Turkey tails

Turkey heart

Turkey stomach

Turkey liver

Turkey wing tips

Turkey wing meat with skin boneless

Turkey breast trimming

Frozen blocks Baader 3 mm

Look what we can do for you!


We offer packaging and labeling customized for individual needs of the client.

Packing bulk into a container

Vacuum packing

Packing into cartons

Foreign trade

We send our products to many countries in Europe. Above that we have permissions thanks to which we can develop trade on the world market outside the European union.

We have permissions for markets to trade for markets of third countries:

Benin, Ghana, Equatorial Guinea, Congo, Niger, Togo, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Democratic Republic of Congo, Livery, Guinea, Gabon, Switzerland, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Libya.


We provide safe transport of our products using our own, specialized transport fleet as well as a team of competent drivers. Everyday we deliver fresh meat to our recipients.