A new cutting plant, ready to work

February 2020

The total building area is 5000 m2.
The plant is equipped with:

  • Two independent cooling tunnels capable of cooling 280 tons of turkey raw material/day;
  • A cutting line with a capacity of up to 120 tons on one production shift;
  • Warehouse space enabling the storage of 300 tons of fresh chilled meat and 800 tons of frozen product;
  • Two plate freezers with the capacity to freeze 2280 kg of meat in 2.5 hours
  • Shank deboner with the capacity of 2400 pieces/hour;
  • Packing machines with a packing capacity of 5000 kg of meat/hour
  • ERP systems for inventory management and full traceability;
  • Several metal detectors for different product sizes;
  • Container washer with a drying system with a capacity of 1000 containers/hour;
  • Modular solutions in sanitary locks, allowing employees to maintain hygiene.
  • We are constantly developing in order to produce healthy and safe food and meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.